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About us

Jefferson Dog Training Services is run by Jenny and Siobhan Jefferson (APDT, CDBT). We both have a keen interest in behavioural issues and have very successfully helped many owners to modify and retrain unwanted behaviour, ranging from minor problems such as not coming when called to more major issues such as aggression. We strongly believe that there are very few dogs that cannot be helped.


Another aspect of the work relates to helping disabled people train their own dogs to assist them. Besides basic obedience we can teach emptying washing machines, helping with shopping, tidying up etc.

We both love working with children. Training a dog can be an absorbing and educational experience, developing self-confidence and teaching a caring attitude and a sense of responsibility. We have worked with children with ADHD/OCD etc., and have taken on work through social services.

Jenny has been "in dogs" over 50 years and her breadth of experience enables her to "think outside the box" and find solutions to most training problems. She has trained dogs to a very high level in competition. She currently works a young dog, "Teg", in Working Trials, having previously trained his father "Woody" who gained TDex, the highest Working Trials award.

She is also co-owner of BEKKIS border collies, which have bred or owned seven Show Champions, Crufts Agility Champion also winners in Obedience and Working trials. Dogs from here have gone on to be Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Dogs for the disabled.

Jenny has also shown a wide variety of breeds over many years. At one time she was a semi professional handler and has handled or owned a large number of top winning dogs, many achieving Champion status.

For some time she was Manager at the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, where she was responsible for 80 dogs and 20 staff, as well as taking on the "long-termers" (dogs that needed more training.)

Jenny has been running pet dog training classes in Somerset for over 20 years. In recent years she has been joined by her daughter, Siobhan.

Jenny Jefferson

Siobhan Jefferson Siobhan was born into it. At the age of 8 years she was competing in obedience competitions and handling her first dog in the show ring, gaining top awards. She trained and qualified another dog for Crufts Obedience. Siobhan has always been totally committed to the dogs, and gained much experience by working with Jenny.

Siobhan then went on to work as a Guide Dogs for the Blind trainer. During her time at GDBA she passed the practical and theoretical exams on all aspects of dog behaviour. This ranged from basic obedience through to handling aggression problems, as well as the complexities of guide dog duties. Siobhan estimates that during her time at GDBA she trained around 120 dogs !

Siobhan returned home 9 years ago to join Jenny in the dog training, and expanded the classes to include agility.

Siobhan Jefferson APDT CDBT


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